If every living thing evolves over time – why not your brand? Face it, your brand is a living, breathing thing. It defines you and tells your story.

What if your story changes? What if your customer’s interaction changes?

Many changes occur in a company’s lifespan that can affect the brand over time, such as leadership, strategy, shift in marketplace habits, etc.  A brand refresh should be driven mainly by human interaction and behaviors. Human behaviors change, so your brand should reflect your interaction with customers.

We love our brands and hold them dear to our heart. Some people cringe at the thought of “refreshing” a brand. Refreshing a brand does not have to change the brand completely. After all, your core audience hasn’t changed drastically – they have evolved over time.

Companies such as Walmart have had great response to their brand refresh. Their refresh reflected how the shopping habits and behaviors of customers have changed. They now emphasize how smart shopping not only saves money, but also enables customers to live better.

I’m not saying that you should rush out and change your brand just because its the “in” thing to do – there must to be reasons for the change. Some reasons to consider a brand refresh may include:

  • Your company mission statement has changed
  • Sales revenue has decreased or become stagnant
  • Your customers/clients behaviors have obviously changed

Identify these reasons, and measure them accordingly. A brand refresh that is done correctly will make you distinct in an ever-evolving marketplace.

What are your reasons for considering a brand refresh? What’s keeping you from making this decision?