Retailing Today: Drones In Walmart’s Backyard

More evidence of Walmart’s investment in technology to accommodate the omnichannel shopper in this article from Retailing Today. We will certainly see more and more technology innovations coming down from the pipe to catapult Walmart’s confident omnichannel retail strategy. Product manufacturers that recognize the deploy MARKENDISING principles will reap significant rewards.

The reason for the rewards? We know that Walmart’s wall between and its stores is being torn down today and that their view of the Walmart shopper is only recognizing all of Walmart’s channels as simply “Walmart.” We also know that Walmart is investing in shopper convenience technology, that they’re increasing their product assortment rapidly and they’re requesting all in-store SKUs are available on – whether they can be purchased online or not.

Although no one (not even Walmart) can predict where the next big win will be with omnichannel retail, there is one constant, one control factor that is clearly a wise investment. You guessed it – MARKENDISING. Providing high quality data and content is needed in every single channel. Whether a shopper is researching online, in-store, ordering online and picking up at store, or ordering online and having their groceries delivered by drones – the shopper wants, needs and expects to research the product in order to make a confident purchasing decision. That research requires data and content. Manufacturers with the best content (optimized and enhanced) simply wins.

Image from Retailing Today article:
Image from Retailing Today article


“A major experiment is set to begin soon on the campus of the University of Arkansas that could determine how retailers use robots, also known as autonomous terrestrial drones, to make deliveries.

Beginning April 1, London-based Starship Technologies will be turning heads on the rolling hills of the University of Arkansas campus as an important experiment gets underway to gauge human interaction with autonomous land-based vehicles.” Click here to read this full article from Retailing Today, written by Mike Troy.

4 Reasons U.S. Tech Headquarter Selfies are Cool

WhyteSpyder CEO Eric Howerton (left) and COO Alex Ahmad (right) Selfie the Snot Out of Themselves in Cali…

Sure…this is a little cheesy and I have to admit, having a taxi dropping us off at each of these locations and waiting while we took selfies was definitely humbling. But, we endured the “touron” status from locals and hazing comments from friends because it still has enough cool status.

Why is it cool? Well, as owners of the digital marketing agency WhyteSpyder, there are many reasons:

  1. These tech companies represent the continued progress of America as a thought leader in the world. Keep on keeping on America!
  2. We have worked with all of these companies (virtually) for many years. It’s always good to put a face to a name.
  3. As WhyteSpyder rapidly grows, we keep an eye out for patterns of our company disposition and culture. We’re looking forward to the WhyteSpyder Global Campus…pretty similar to Google’s 🙂
  4. Final reason? Because we should. We may never be in that area together at the same time or some of these companies may not be there either. In life and business, things change. Seize the day!

Our Favorites

Definitely a toss-up for our favorite companies. Like anything, we have favorite things about each of them:

  1. Exterior Building: Favorite was Google (simply epic), runner-up was Oracle (magnificent) and honorable mention was Yahoo!. Least impressive was YouTube and Facebook.
  2. In General: Our favorite companies were the following. First, Walmart (no, we’re not getting paid to say it, but Walmart is a great American business – you can’t deny it and we won’t). Second would be Google – definitely a love hate love relationship from a digital marketing standpoint, but no one can deny they have it going on. Third is a toss-up between LinkedIn and Intuit. For me (Eric), I choose LinkedIn – I honestly believe they have done and will continue to do an incredible job in their space. Alex loves Intuit, and rightfully so. Their software and services are for the most part flawless, reliable and useful. Least favorite? No comment.

The Ones We Missed

Have to shout out to the following companies that we wished we could have seen but didn’t have the time (or the $2,000 for taxies): Apple, Uber, Twitter, Salesforce, Pinterest, Reddit, eBay, Adobe, McAfee and Cisco. We’ll catch ya next time!

KNWA Today: WhyteSpyder CEO Eric Howerton Talks About New Book, "Markendising"

KNWA Today invited Eric Howerton, CEO of WhyteSpyder and c0-author of MARKENDISING: Today’s must-know information for getting ahead of the shopper curve. 


Click here to watch the full interview with KNWA Today: 

MARKENDISING helps retail manufacturers better understand the behaviors of today’s omnichannel shopper. Leveraging combined, yet unique, tactics from marketing and merchandising, MARKENDISING accommodates the shopper by providing high quality product data and content for each product.

More now than ever, shoppers are self-sufficient in researching products in order to make confident purchasing decisions – whether that transaction is made online or in-store. Anytime and anywhere, shoppers utilize technology to find out more about products they’re interested in purchasing.

The opportunity for manufacturers to provide relevant, optimized data and content is huge and major retailers like Walmart will utilize this data and content as they push forward in omnichannel retail strategies.

To learn more about MARKENDISING or to purchase the book, click here.

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