4 Reasons U.S. Tech Headquarter Selfies are Cool

WhyteSpyder CEO Eric Howerton (left) and COO Alex Ahmad (right) Selfie the Snot Out of Themselves in Cali…

Sure…this is a little cheesy and I have to admit, having a taxi dropping us off at each of these locations and waiting while we took selfies was definitely humbling. But, we endured the “touron” status from locals and hazing comments from friends because it still has enough cool status.

Why is it cool? Well, as owners of the digital marketing agency WhyteSpyder, there are many reasons:

  1. These tech companies represent the continued progress of America as a thought leader in the world. Keep on keeping on America!
  2. We have worked with all of these companies (virtually) for many years. It’s always good to put a face to a name.
  3. As WhyteSpyder rapidly grows, we keep an eye out for patterns of our company disposition and culture. We’re looking forward to the WhyteSpyder Global Campus…pretty similar to Google’s 🙂
  4. Final reason? Because we should. We may never be in that area together at the same time or some of these companies may not be there either. In life and business, things change. Seize the day!

Our Favorites

Definitely a toss-up for our favorite companies. Like anything, we have favorite things about each of them:

  1. Exterior Building: Favorite was Google (simply epic), runner-up was Oracle (magnificent) and honorable mention was Yahoo!. Least impressive was YouTube and Facebook.
  2. In General: Our favorite companies were the following. First, Walmart (no, we’re not getting paid to say it, but Walmart is a great American business – you can’t deny it and we won’t). Second would be Google – definitely a love hate love relationship from a digital marketing standpoint, but no one can deny they have it going on. Third is a toss-up between LinkedIn and Intuit. For me (Eric), I choose LinkedIn – I honestly believe they have done and will continue to do an incredible job in their space. Alex loves Intuit, and rightfully so. Their software and services are for the most part flawless, reliable and useful. Least favorite? No comment.

The Ones We Missed

Have to shout out to the following companies that we wished we could have seen but didn’t have the time (or the $2,000 for taxies): Apple, Uber, Twitter, Salesforce, Pinterest, Reddit, eBay, Adobe, McAfee and Cisco. We’ll catch ya next time!

WalStreet Chamber Member of the Year Award

walstreet awardEach year, the Bentonville/Bella Vista Chamber of Commerce recognizes the businesses and individual members who have made significant contributions to the Chamber community. This year, WhyteSpyder, Inc. was awarded the WalStreet Chamber Member of the Year award for their support of numerous Chamber events throughout 2015. The award was presented during the Chamber’s Annual Dinner on Thursday, January 28, 2016.

“We are really honored to receive this award from the Bentonville/Bella Vista Chamber of Commerce,” said Alex Ahmad, COO of WhyteSpyder. “We are so blessed to be part of Northwest Arkansas and to work with such amazing people in our community. Many thanks to our Chamber for their continuous support.”

In 2015, WhyteSpyder did a variety of work for the Chamber. This included redesigning the Chamber’s website, making it more accessible and easy to understand, and hosting a website launch party for the Chamber to recognize the hard work put it by both sides.

“Our WalStreet Award recognizes the significant contributions of one of our members to the Chamber and the community through outstanding leadership and extraordinary support,” said Dana Davis, Chief Executive Officer and President of the Bentonville/Bella Vista Chamber. “And WhyteSpyder has more than met that challenge. Whether it be facilitating educational programs for our members or designing, implementing and supporting our current website, WhyteSpyder has been an engaged member since joining the Chamber in 2013.”

WhyteSpyder continues to support the chamber with event sponsorships and through Eric Howerton’s participation with the Walstreet Speaker Series Committee.

“The Chamber does many great things for this community and we are grateful that WhyteSpyder was recognized for our support of the organization,” said Eric Howerton, CEO of WhyteSpyder. “We look forward to everything we can help the Chamber accomplish in 2016.”

Our Perspective on the Hog’s Color Change

In February, U of A’s senior associate athletic director, Mike Waddell announced on twitter that the school would soon have a new Razorback Red. Obviously, this has a lot of fans in an uproar.

So to clarify the reasoning, and to determine whether the change makes since, WhyteSpyder has brought in Caroline Chandler, WhyteSpyder’s Art Director, as our authority on the matter.

Chandler’s experience comes from her history at Olivet International, where she managed the artwork of over 90 NCAA teams from 2010 to 2012. Olivet made coolers, koozies, bottles, and duffels while she was there. The U of A is also Chandler’s Alma Matter.

Currently, the U of A style guide states that, “The official colors of the University of Arkansas are cardinal and white. Because of the requirements for printing and the need to be as specific as possible when matching colors, the Pantone® Matching System (PMS) number for cardinal red is 200.” However, the color will supposedly switch to PMS 202, which is described as a garnet.

The U of A currently shares Pantone 200 with New Mexico, Ohio State, Utah, Wisconsin and Arizona. Alabama, Stanford, MIT, USC (Southern California), Indiana, Oklahoma and Washington State use 201, and 202 is used by Iowa State, Florida State, Southern Carolina and Minnesota.

To give you a visualization, Razorback Red will go…

The reasoning? To become more consistent.

From Chandler’s perspective, the reasoning behind changing the color doesn’t make sense.

“We’re still 1 away from AL and OK,” Chandler said. “But it makes more sense to stick with tradition and enforce more uniform licensing policies. There are lots of schools that make licensors send a product for review to confirm that it’s meeting the color requirements. Even if we change the pantone, consistency will still be an issue.”

To explain this logic further, the U of A is changing its color in the hopes of keeping all the future U of A licensees from using a variety of shades. However, if the U of A doesn’t require licensees to go through the process of getting a product approved, then changing the color won’t help.

“This overall process is the same,” she said, “but in addition to a mockup, some schools (Florida State, Texas, and Virginia Tech specifically) require product samples as well. So, after your visual/on screen mockup has been approved, you have to have a sample sent to the school licensing authority and they approve the items.”

From a design perspective, the new color choice is also a negative. “I feel like 201 and 202 are more similar looking, 200 really pops against the rest,” she said. “I like its brightness.”

Whether or not this change occurs and/or brings the consistency the U of A desires is still in question, but no matter the pigment, U of A fans will still cheer on the Razorbacks.