Walmart's Online Product Shift

Markendising Today: Walmart’s Request for Data and Content

Walmart has requested that all their suppliers provide online data and content for their complete inventory to This big change to move all products from in-store to online may be disruptive and hard to understand, but it is also essential to court modern omnichannel shoppers and filled with opportunity. Recently, WhyteSpyder CEO Eric Howerton sat down with Cameron Smith of Cameron Smith & Associates to discuss this major change and what it means to Walmart’s suppliers.

Enhanced Content, The Great Equalizer

Markendising Today: Enhanced Content, The Great Equalizer

Recently, WhyteSpyder CEO Eric Howerton sat down with Clay Bell, founder of Twelve Company, to explain how smaller businesses can see a return on investment for updating and optimizing their online content and data. Top product pages will help drive sales for the rest of the business.

Completing the Walmart Data Spec Sheet

Markendising Today – The Walmart SAO Initiative

Walmart is investing in the omnichannel shopper and they are asking their suppliers to do the same. SAO stands for “Store Assortment Online” and the world’s largest retailer and is asking that all products available in Walmart stores be also available online. This requires all manufacturers to provide data and content through a spec sheet for each of their Walmart products to become compliant. That’s for all product categories, including even perishable food items. This video discusses the benefits to both Walmart and manufacturers and methods of becoming compliant.