I asked one of my long-time friends, mentors and honestly, the best writer I have ever met, Mark Zweig, to write a quick message about marketing planning. Within five minutes, on his BlackBerry (yes, he still uses one), he sent me the below.


The big problem with marketing planning is that rarely do the individual or individuals charged with developing it know what the overall business plan for the organization is. It either doesn’t exist–or, in the case of many small, privately-held companies, the owners don’t want to share it. So, in essence, you’re flying blind.

Another big issue is that many times too many people are allowed to have input to it and/or have veto rights over anything in the plan. That cannot be the case or the whole process gets constipated. One person should have ultimate authority to say “yay” or “nay” to everything in the plan.

Mark C. Zweig, Chairman and CEO