Optimized & Enhanced Data/Content Creation & Management for Item Detail Pages


"We hired WhyteSpyder to help us to expand our assortment on Walmart.com and enhance our content for our item pages. Together, we doubled the size of our assortment on Walmart.com in six weeks."   Clay Bell, YES TO

"Thanks so much--you are great to work with and I am so grateful for the help in getting us compliant.”   Anna Dutton, Avery Products Corporation

Case Study: Becoming Top .1% Content Health on Walmart.com in 8 Weeks

Step 1:SEO Research
Step 2:Basic Content
Step 3:Expanded Content
Step 4:Managing SKUs

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MARKENDISING℠ ...We Invented the Term

MARKENDISING℠ satisfies the omnichannel shopper by providing accurate, high quality product data and content that is searchable and consistent. MARKENDISING℠ directly stimulates product sales both online and in-store.

Content Producers

We PRODUCE content for your SKU page on Walmart.com or Samsclub.com.

We’re Your “+” Sign

We work with product manufacturers and their sales/marketing agencies to ensure brand messages reach the SKU page and merchandising information is maximized.

Content Managers

We leverage any technology or process accepted by Walmart or Sam’s Club to promptly distribute your content.

Why Does Optimized, Enhanced and Expanded Content Matter?

The Self-Sufficient Shopper

Statistics clearly show shoppers ROBO (research online, buy offline OR research offline, buy online) before, during and after making a purchase. Brands that implement optimized, enhanced and expanded content on SKU pages attract, convince and retain today’s omnichannel shopper.

What is Your SKU Page and What’s the Value?

Product Power

Your SKU page, also known as the product detail page or product power page, is the
SKU transactional page on Walmart.com or Samsclub.com. It is here that the shopper is closest to making a transaction, whether online or researching for an in-store purchase.

The Basic Section

The Basic Section of the SKU page includes product images, product title and the shelf, short and long descriptions. This area allows the shopper to find your product and discover vital merchandising information.

The Expanded Section

The Expanded Section of the SKU page allows for rich media assets to further explain your product’s value to the shopper. Rich feature sets, comparison tables, interactive tours and videos are a few examples of rich media assets available on Walmart.com and Samsclub.com.

Virtual Shopping

Appropriately utilizing both the Basic and Expanded Sections on the SKU page, manufacturers have an opportunity like never before to communicate the value of a product for today’s virtual shopper.

How Can You Increase Sales?

First You Must Rank...

Shoppers are researching your product AND related keywords online. WhyteSpyder’s optimized content on your SKU page will help them find you at Walmart or Sam’s Club.

Next – You Must Get the Click...

Now that shoppers know you exist at Walmart or Sam’s Club, well structured, enhanced content will entice shoppers to click and learn more.

Finally – You Convince

The shopper is now very close to a transaction - whether online or in-store. Convince him/her that your product is the best choice through enhanced, expanded content such as images, graphics, videos, product tours, 360 degree views and comparison charts.

We Work With Everyone...

Walmart/Sam’s Club Product Manufacturers & Suppliers

We collect, audit, rewrite and/or produce your product merchandising content for your SKU page. We also manage, distribute and analyze your SKU page content through Walmart and Sam’s Club approved technologies and processes.

Sales & Marketing Agencies

We are the "+" sign for your agencies of record. We support and collaborate with your strategic partners to maximize your SKU page.

Content Technology Partners

We work with your content technology partners (Content Analytics/ Bazaar Voice/ Webcollage) and any processes approved by Walmart and Sam’s Club to make sure your enhanced content is published quickly, accurately and with best practice.